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Trust Square Scarf in Hope

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The Story Behind Trust Collection: Basically × Brown & Sugar

Life is never easy, and 2023 was definitely not short of challenges.

As I pondered the year, I noticed that it is a much simpler route to focus on the lows, the disappointments, and the tribulations that have seemed to pollute the world. It is as if the highs, the accomplishments, and the successes have taken a back seat. It is understandable after all, because tragedies make better news headlines and failures make better gossip.

That is why, when I was contemplating my goals for 2024, I became aware that our lack of self-celebration is a modern-day epidemic. So, I decided to give myself more permission to celebrate the highs and the ups in my personal life, within my community, and throughout the globe. And, I believe, there are many ladies of all walks of life who can relate to what I am saying.

I began to acknowledge that, indeed, there is always light at the end of every tunnel, regardless of how dark it is. Just as I started to agree that with perseverance, our dreams are definitely within reach and that as long as we remain true to ourselves, we will never be lost.

Through these beliefs, my first ever scarf collection with Brown & Sugar came to life. It was one of many aspirations that I had since I was a child, but I deemed it impossible to achieve. It is for that reason that I named the collection “Trust.” My wishes are simple: I would like the ladies to be reminded to “Trust in Hope,” “Trust in their Dreams,” and to “Trust in your True self” when they look upon these scarves.

These scarves embody a tale of perseverance and optimism. No matter how difficult the obstacles laid before us are or how the world seems to be going down in flames, remember that we carry the light within us to start a chain of hope. I hope that these scarves will serve as a beacon of reminder that your dreams are always within reach and that hope and truth are never pointless.

Much Love, B.

Product Details:

  • Square type | 46 inches x 46 inches
  • Crafted with premium satin silk fabric for exceptional quality
  • This product comes with a signature gift box and card, adding a personal touch to your purchase

Please note that the colour may differ depending on the display device.*